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January 2023, Not What I Expected, But Not To Shabby

One of the many things I have learned as I recovered from November 2020 is to take time to think about and write down what I have achieved that day. To acknowledge any part of my day that I really enjoyed or an achievement that I have been working towards. This really helps me to know I am moving forward on the days I feel like are never going to end, or the days that I don’t want to keep doing the same thing day in and day out when I can’t see my progress yet. I would like to take some time and share some of my favourite and most enjoyable moments from January 2023.

Let’s not start lying to you, week one didn’t go the way I planned at all. My plan was to spend the week doing things for myself and getting ready for a positive year. If I stuck to my plan I would have missed out on my favourite part of Week One! I got to spend the week with Melody, Faith, Rebekah and my Mother. It was good to be able to watch and interact with Faith and Melody as they played, created and grew closer as sisters. There were many challenges to overcome for them but everyone stuck together and supported each other so Melody and Faith grew as they worked on their goals. My Mother, Rebekah and I supported each other as we supported the girls as they worked toward their goals. I loved having meals together with all five of us at the table. I am so grateful that I was open to going with different plans.

I achieved something I have been working on since September 2022. There are many times I thought about sharing what I am doing publicly, but I always decided not to because I have been trying to achieve this for the better part of a decade. And never got close to achieving it. To be honest I don’t think I have ever seen myself completing this, until now. In September, I once again registered to complete my high school education. I needed just two courses, and they are both English. My kryptonite. My lifelong struggle as someone with a learning disability and ADHD. With the help of the VP at St. Charles who was a teacher, that I have worked with. A man I completely respect and have many great memories with. I was registered and accommodated to support me with my learning challenges. I started my first of two English courses. Now with the help of my online teacher and my personal support circle, in week two I received an email informing me that I have officially completed my Grade 11 English course. Yes, this means I have one more course to complete my high school diploma and remove a regret I have lived with my whole adult life.

After my big win in week two, I was very motivated and made a growth plan going into week three. As part of my growth plan, I wanted to do something I use to do that I loved doing, but have not done in a while. In week two I walked from the James North area to the other side of McMaster, and on my journey, I found a ballroom dance place in Westdale. Before COVID and my life-changing experience, I would take ballroom dancing lessons almost weekly. It made me feel so in the moment, and I really enjoyed it. It was so good for my physical and mental health. In week three I returned to ballroom dancing, and since then I have also had a lesson with Rebekah, and Rebekah also had a lesson with her girls and herself. Right now I had added it to my weekly schedule and really look forward to it. I am so grateful that I took the time to stop, reflect and plan for the future.

Since I started writing this blog post I have been adding a paragraph weekly. It has really helped me look at the positive moments I am having. This brings me to my biggest personal achievement of week four. At the end of week two my father let me use his car for a few weeks. Having daily access to a car has brought back many lost joys. I was able to go for walks in the morning at Bayfront park in Hamilton. I was able to return to ballroom dancing, and a few more benefits. It has also been a strong factor in my being less physically active in week three. So in week four, I wanted to be more active in week four. I want to be upfront and say I did not complete all the activities I wanted to do. But I am happy that I was able to get back to strength training on two of the three mornings I wanted to do it. I was also able to do some speed bag workouts, morning walks, and ballroom dancing. This week I even added two hot tub sessions in week four.

January has been a month full of challenges along with so truly amazing experiences and achievements. It may seem cheesy to say, but I am really looking forward to February. There is no guarantee that it will be better. But what I do know is I will keep taking it one day at a time, record and reflect daily, be true to my core values and beliefs, live a healthy and active lifestyle daily, and most of all believe in myself and be me. In case you didn’t know yet I love, love and I love being me!


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