The Drum Corps Way

Over the last little while I have been reading a book called the Ripple Effect by Dr. Greg Wells. I became interested in Dr. Greg Wells work when he spoke at a workshop for the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board. His 1% theory really intrigued me. Even though I have not finished reading his book I started to put some of the things I am learning in the book into practice. The first thing I did was start is focusing on what he called bookends for my day. In the drum corps world, we could call these starts and stops or attacks and releases of phrases. When I’m teaching Drumline we always focus on starts and stops of phrases, before we even start to worry about what’s happening in

If You Think You Can...

Over the weekend my principal share with another teacher and I a reflection on leadership for a coop student. It brought tears to my eyes and left me thinking. I want to share with you what she said about her time with the Saint Mary Marching Arts program. "Another person who came to mind was my old drum instructor. I joined St. Mary Marching arts in my grade 9 year because I didn’t know anyone in the school, and it interested me. As soon as I became a part of the team it was like I was welcomed into a family since that year I have never felt so close with a group of people, in fact the friendships made there are ones I imagine I will maintain long into the future. This family that I had fou

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