Returning to Blackdown C.T.C.

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted an offer to return to Blackdown Cadet Training Center in Borden, Ontario. It is a true honour to get the opportunity to work with the passionate leadership team and course cadets of Juliet Company (J Coy).

Yes, you are right last summer was very hard for me as I was injured, it took 8 months and 2 surgeries to recover. It also took me a while in the summer to get over the culture shock of living a military lifestyle, but now I know what I am about to face, and I am prepared. Anyone who knows me k

nows it will take more than an injury and culture shock to stop me from helping children.

I am grateful for last summer to have met and work with so many great staff at Blackdown who took the time to help and support me there. I learned so much from so many of you. One of the lessons I will never forget is that I will never ever eat another MRE!

The course cadets that I got the opportunity to work with were are truly amazing kids. Who each brought something special and unique to the program. I will never forget you and will always be here to support you. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces this summer at Blackdown.

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