I Love This Community!!!

For people who know me well, know how much this marching arts community means to me. When I found out that Drumline Ontario was not going to continue to offer our community performances and competition opportunities, I knew what had to be done. It became one of my top priorities to ensure not only that my ensembles still had performance and competition opportunities, but all the ensembles in this community that I truly love so much also do. Since stepping down from the Drumline Ontario board of directors at the AGM is September I have had sometime to real reflect on some great memories of our community. I spent some time thinking about things that I felt really worked and some that really didn’t. It has truly been a very busy week for me as I worked to make sure our community will still have the opportunities that they deserve. There are still somethings I am working very hard to set up and finalize. I feel it is time to publicly launch a new project as a part of Corey Pearce Percussion. With extreme pride and love for our marching arts community I introduce to you the Southern Ontario Marching Arts Collective! Knowing how much people love to create short forms, it will also be known as SO-MAC. The goal is to provide the same opportunities that Drumline Ontario provided with some changes to keep us moving forward. It will also be looking for new and unique opportunities for our ensembles that register with SO-MAC. Registration to be a SO-MAC ensemble is FREE! To register today go to www.marchingartscollective.com

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