Signature Ety-Head!

I am proud to announce that I am now a Signature Ety-Head! For over two years I have been using the EtyPlugs by Etymotic and I am very pleased with them, and recommend them to anyone who is in a drumline.

They did take a little getting used to after using foam ear plugs for so long. When I used the foam ear plugs they muffled a lot of the sound of the drumline. When I switched to the EtyPlugs it cut out the echo created from playing indoors. It lets you hear the attack of each instrument a lot clearer. When I had foam ear plugs I would have to take them out when people were talking between drumming. With the EtyPlugs I can hear people’s voices clearly without worrying about taking them out. I even use them in restaurants when it is loud and it helps me to hear people’s voices clearer. Also when I used the foam ear plugs if I moved my jaw a specific way they would stop working. This doesn’t happen with the EtyPlugs. I have worn them for many long practices and they are comfortable all day!

For the past year Impact Percussion has been selling the EtyPlugs here in Ontario and they have been having great feedback. Your hearing is very important please make sure to protect your hearing!

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