Roger Carter's signature Vic Firth Corpsmaster sticks are a physical manifestation of the drum set-like groove and flow he incorporates into historically rigid rudimental drumming.


The tapers are long and sloping, a shape you don't see very often among marching snare sticks. This design puts a lot of the mass towards the back, resulting in a huge amount of rebound and response. The taper flanges back out just before the tip for added durability with rim shots.


Round tips balance nicely with the unique tapers, giving drummers intense articulation at all dynamics.


They're made of hickory, the most popular drum stick material, prized for its strength and flexibility. The shape makes them excellent marching tenor sticks as well - they get around the drums nicely.



  • Strong, Responsive Hickory
  • Long, Sloping Tapers
  • Big Round Beads
  • Length: 17"
  • Diameter: 0.715"
  • Blends Rudimental & Drum Set Concepts

Roger Carter Corpsmaster Signature Snare Drumstick


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