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Brief Overview

            Drumline Throwdown is a face-to-face competition for local ensembles. Two drumlines at a time enter the competition area and battle back and forth playing a one and a half to two-minute piece. The winner moves on to the next round.


What does the 2023 Drumline Throwdown Champion receive?

  • Name on the 3-foot Traveling Trophy, that your ensemble holds on to from May 2023 to March 2024.

  • Championship plaque to keep.

  • 5 pairs of cymbal gloves and cymbal straps from Seavine.

  • 7 pairs of marching snare sticks, 5 pairs of quad sticks, and 5 bass drum mallets from Innovative Percussion.


What is the cost for the season and what does it include?

            There is a one-time payment of $150 due by March 1, 2023. Payable to “Corey Pearce Percussion”. Payment can be by cheque.


            This payment will go to pay for 3 qualified judges for the 2 Drumline Throwdowns. Scores and judge comments with me provided through Competition Suite. Participation in 2 Drumline Throwdowns on the first and last Saturdays in April.

Action shots from both Throwdowns and a multi-camera video from your performance at the 2023 SO-MAC Championships. All participants at the Championship will receive a patch or medal. Along with the opportunity to be a part of our community and make new friends and grow as a drumline.


What days do you need to commit to attending?

  • First Saturday in April 2023 from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Lats Saturday in April 2023 from 9 am to 5 pm

What does a competition day for a Drumline Throwdown team look like?

            9:00 am – Check-in and load in at contest site

            10:00 am – Preliminary Throwdowns

            12:00 pm – Lunch

            1:00 pm – Marching Arts Contest starts

            2:50 pm – Intermission

            3:00 pm – Championship Throwdown team start warm-up

            3:35 pm – Championship Throwdown

            4:00 pm – Full Ensemble retreat

            4:30 pm – Loadout

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