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Marching Arts Bio

Corey started his marching percussion career as a cymbal player with the Ridge Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps in the 1985/1986 season. In his 10 years as a performer in Drum Corps International (D.C.I.) he has played cymbals, bass drum, snare, quads, and in the front ensemble. He has performed with local drum corps such as Ridge Raiders, Conqueror II, and St. John’s Drum and Bugle Corps. Throughout his decade of performing in junior corps, Corey has won numerous Ontario Drum Corps Association (O.D.C.A.) Individual and Ensemble awards, and D.C.I. and O.D.C.A. titles.


In 1997, Corey began teaching marching percussion as a tenor tech with St. John’s Drum and Bugle Corps. In his first two years on the educational staff, the Corps placed in the DCI Division II and III finals both years. Since becoming an educator, Corey has taught in both Canada and the United States. As an educator, he has fulfilled the role of battery tech, front ensemble tech, percussion caption head, arranger, and director. Some of the DCI groups he has worked with include St. John’s, Conqueror II, Lake Erie Regiment, Dutch Boy, and H.Y.P.E. He has also worked with indoor drumlines like St. John’s and EPIC.


After teaching for eleven years, Corey returned to the competition field with the Kingston Grenadiers, a D.C.A. corps, where he played in the front ensemble and then on tenors. In 2008, he was appointed the Director of Percussion of EPIC. In the next few years, Corey also started the St. Mary Crusader’s Drumline and the McMaster University Marching Band Drumline. In 2011, Corey helped form Impact Percussion, Ontario’s most visible drumline where he is the Executive Director.


Over the last 10 years of his Marching Arts career he has assisted with the starting off, and or educating of the following ensembles;

  • Saint Mary Cadets Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Blessed Trinity Storm Drumline - Grimsby, Ontario

  • Notre Dame Drumline - Welland, Ontario

  • St. Thomas More Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Bishop Ryan Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Cardinal Newman Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Impact One Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Impact 2 Drumline - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Impact ICON Percussion - Hamilton, Ontario

  • MM Robinson Percussion - Burlington, Ontario


Corey is also very proud and blessed to be working with the Cadets Canada Military Band Program at Blackdown C.T.C and online. To help serve his community he loves so much he started the Southern Ontario Marching Arts Collective. That provides marching arts ensembles in Ontario the opportunity to compete locally in WGI Color Guard, Winds, and Percussion competitions.


As a marching percussion specialist with over 35 years of experience, he loves what he does and loves the equipment he proudly chooses to use. Corey is extremely proud to be signed with;


Corey is not even close to being done and has so great plans for the future. Please feel free to keep up to date with what he is doing by following him on his social media.



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