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PO SO17 - Play a Scale or Rudiments

Assessment of Learning plan for PO 017, Play a Scale or Rudiments, is found in A-CR-CCP-910/PG-001, Chapter 3

Double Stroke

Single Paradiddle

Multiple Bounce Stroke


A-CR-CCP-910/PG-001 2-2-10 PO 017D – PLAY RUDIMENTS

1. Performance. Play Rudiments.

2. Conditions

a. Given:

(1) Primary instrument,

(2) Rudiment sheet,

(3) Music stand,

(4) Chair, and

(5) Supervision.

b. Denied: Assistance.

c. Environmental: A quiet room with adequate lighting and free from distractions.

3. Standard. The cadet will play rudiments, including

a. single strokes – each hand at metronome marking (M.M.) quarter note = 120,

b. single strokes – alternating hands at M.M. quarter note = 120,

c. double strokes at M.M. quarter note = 60,

d. single paradiddles at M.M. quarter note = 90, and

e. flams at M.M. quarter note = 60.

4. Remarks. Level Basic Rudiments are found in Annex C, Appendix 1

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